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dimanche 1 mai 2011

after this nice first edition, thinking about a 2nd one!!!

After almost two months and this nice first edition, after some rest as well.
I wanted first to thanks all people who helped me to do what was this festival.
Bands, people who were there to support me by all the ways they did!

Even multipleks has some difficulties sometimes to be really the place it has to be, even we are not able like a group to always show up and do the best, we are working hard on it.

Lot of people are asking me about maybe a second edition, and i seriously think about it!
If everything is going fine, and if we don't have more bigs problems with the people who are trying to fight us and put down the multipleks, we will do it maybe in December, in the middle of the month.

It lets us time to think about it, to get in touch and to organise it well.

Anyway, and that's my personnal opinion, it's important to work on everything we can do, and organise the most we can to show to these capitalists, fascists and anti squat people ...etc that we are not impress by their actions and will continue in the way we want!

Let's do it!